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A New Jersey woman hired a private investigator to follow her husband to find out whether he was straying.

So the investigator, Richard Leonard, advised his client to put a tracking device in her husband's car, reports the Star-Ledger. She put it in the glove compartment of their jointly-owned GMC Yukon. Within two weeks, it revealed Villanova's car sitting in the driveway of a woman who was not his wife. Oh, the bittersweet pleasure of catching a partner in the act.

Spying on Your Spouse Part II: The Danger of GPS Tracking | Fields and Dennis LLP

Villanova was not pleased. He sued his wife and Leonard for invasion of privacy. They do not require any installation at all and can be up and running in seconds. Depending upon which tracker you choose it could run for weeks or even months before you would need to get to it to recharge and you can see how much power it has via the free app and tracking website by simply looking at the battery indicator.

Car GPS Tracking Devices to Track Cheating Spouse's Car

You can even ask the tracker to send you a text if it leaves or enters a certain area on the map. Our trackers have many features but are unbelievably simple to use.

Some of our GPS tracking devices come built into a magnetic weatherproof case and some have the option to purchase a weatherproof magnetic case with them. Your tracker will come with a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 Year subscription. Once this subscription expires you can renew on our website or just do nothing if you do not need to use the tracker anymore, if then a couple of years later you have a need for the tracker again just get in touch and it can be set up again for you.

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Oh, did I forget to mention, you find GPS tracker of this quality at lower prices anywhere! Your email address will not be published. You should consult your attorney to find out what is legal in your state.

GPS Tracking of your Partner

Rocky Mountain Tracking rejects That Data is useless or confusing if it is not presented through the right software. Most GPS software tends to be complicated and hard to use.

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This prevents people from getting the information they want. We have reviewed all the major GPS software and only use the most functional user-friendly software on the market.

Can You Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

Customer Support A lot of GPS solution providers that are simply not structured to give helpful easy to access tech support after you purchase a unit. We offer customer and tech support that is second to none. Competitive Price Price is always an important issue when purchasing a tracking device.

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There are two components to price: the actual cost of the unit and the quality of that unit. If a unit is made with cheap subpar components it will not be reliable, but it may be cheap. All of our units are tested extensively not only for quality, but also for value.